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a) To carry out basic and clinical researches needed in the field of health where cord blood, cells and tissue are used and to perform all kinds of services required within the framework of national and international legislation

b) To coordinate the research and development activities in the field of basic and applied sciences related to cord blood, cell and tissue

Areas of activity

For the purposes of the Center, the Center carries out the following activities:

a) To meet cord blood, cell-tissue and cell-tissue products for domestic and international requirements in accordance with national and international regulations, to carry out the necessary medical procedures for its use and to store them so that they are ready for use when necessary,

b) To meet the needs of the departments of Ege University Research and Application Hospital, other public institutions and private organizations in the field of cord blood, cell and tissue based treatments and applications,

 c) To carry out scientific and applied research in all fields of application of cord blood, cell-tissue and cell-tissue products, to develop new techniques, to prepare projects related to the problems of public and private enterprises, to give scientific reports, to help in the solution of technical problems, development, technology transfer and quality-control arrangements.

ç) To encourage, support and coordinate scientific research and applications in all areas of cord blood, cell-tissue and cell-tissue products in different units of Ege University,

d) To prepare guidelines for obtaining, preparing and using cord blood, cell-tissue and cell-tissue products in the light of current information and periodically updating them according to national and international requirements,

e) To make cooperation and bilateral agreement protocols with universities, research institutions, public and private sector organizations in Turkey and abroad, to organize joint meetings, to serve research projects and high-tech projects, and to provide financial resources for projects,

f) Organizing seminars, conferences, symposiums, congresses, theoretical and / or applied course programs at national and international level,

g) To carry out educational activities for public and private organizations and non-governmental organizations in the fields of activity of the center,

ğ) To send personnel to domestic and foreign institutions and organizations through assignments in order to carry out education and training or to improve their knowledge and knowledge, and to accept those sent from other institutions and organizations through assignments for this purpose,

With the announcement of the Official Gazette dated 15.11.2014 and numbered 29176, Ege University Cord Blood, Cell-Tissue Application and Research Center has started to operate in the above purposes and activities.

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